10 Tips To Get The Best Insulation Deal
  1. Make sure that the contractor is registered. WHY?
    No entitlement to insulation grant and no guarantee that the employees have the appropriate training for the job.
  2. Ensure that the insulation product is of highest standard. WHY?
    If the insulation product does not meet the highest specifications, the building will not be insulated to the best level. Enviro bead is the leading manufacturer of banded polystyrene bead in Ireland. The bead uses a durable adhesive to bind beads together.
  3. Ensure the pipes and water tank are lagged in attic . WHY?
    It is important to request a sample of lagging that the contractor will be using on the pipes. This should be 3/4" lagging. Your water tank should also be insulated. Your local builders merchant will recommend and advise you on upgrading if it is not sufficient.
  4. Inspect a sufficient amount of holes drilled to pump cavity beads? WHY?
    The holes should be 900ml horizontal & 500ml under all window sills to ensure there are no voids in the cavity walls. There will be 22ml holes drilled in the outer walls so the insulation can be pumped in.
  5. Request contact details of previous work by contractor. WHY?
    It is important that the contractor is adequately insured so that the homeowner has full peace of mind.
  6. Make sure the contractor is insured? WHY?
    It is important that the contractor is adequately insured so that the house is covered for damage while the work is being carried out.
  7. Check whether the contractor is reliable and well known in the area? WHY?
    It is important the contractor is reliable. You will be able to find this out by contacting previous clients of the contractor. It is important to ask for references.
  8. Ensure the work is guaranteed. WHY?
    If you the customer is not happy with the work that has been done, then you have the right to request the contractor comes back to your property to rectify the issue.
  9. Conduct a contractor survey to check hidden pipe work and hidden wiring. WHY?
    It is important for contractors to do a survey of the property before starting work to avoid any mishaps. It is also important to check insurance for this point in case the contractor drills through water pipes or wiring.
  10. Ensure the contractor has proven track record that meets and exceeds customer expectations. WHY?
    It is important that the contractor has a proven track record that you will trust and know that they are doing the best job for your property. The contractor will be happy to provide you with customer testimonials from previous customers that will confirm their work.